Did You Love Playing Tetris on The Gameboy? [Video]

Any Game Boy fan will instantly recognise this amazing theme tune from the original Tetris.  Isn’t there something strangely hypnotic the Game Boy’s Tetris music?

Maybe it has something to do with the HOURS of playing it over and over and over,  Tetris music has been burnt into our minds forever.

Listening to the music brings about flashbacks of out of control columns of mayhem, trying our best to avoid that weird noise of Tetris failure, when your columns hit the hit ceiling [didn’t it sound like a weird goat?]

Anyhow, press play on the video below to listen to the Game Boy Tetris music and get whisked back 30 years to 1989 and if you loved this game, then you probably loved these 80s game consoles too.

Oh and did anyone ever complete Tetris, is that even possible?…

Game Boy