The Death Star Light You Need To Buy On Amazon

Death Star Light

If there is one thing you’ll find in a galaxy far far away it’s probably a lurking Death Star up to no good.

Now you can rejoice in connecting with your darker side and buy your very own Star Wars Death Star light at Amazon.  

Not just any death star light either.  This is a detailed replica that gives the impression of floating as it stands on a clear base.  It’s very detailed with tactile trenches and tunnels clearly etched into the surface.

If you look carefully can you find the death star’s weak spot? Something that a skilled rebel-force pilot might be able to take advantage of?

At 18cm in diameter and a 1m USB cable, you’ll be able to power up Darth Vader’s terrifying vision come to life and place this almost anywhere.

However, before you head over to Amazon, be sure to be armed with some useful Death Star facts to impress your guests:

  1. The Death Star was officially known as the ‘DS-1 Orbital Battle Station’
  2. It was built in the orbit of the inhospitable planet ‘Geonosis’
  3. Once built, it was 100 miles in diameter
  4. It had 357 internal levels
  5. Its main weapon was a laser, which comprised of 8 beams that joined to create enough power to destroy a planet

So what are you waiting for? Make Darth proud and buy yours on Amazon now, but keep an eye out for those pesky rebel fighters… rumour has it they may have stolen the Death Star plans…

Death Star Light

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Death Star Light
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