6 Awesome TV Adverts From The 80s [Watch Videos]

Four TV channels and for many not even a remote, you’d have to actually get up to change the channel and volume.  Who care’s though, because you’d happily keep the channel on to watch these great 80s TV ads.   We feel there’s something special about the selection we’ve chosen below.  Some of them will put you straight back in front of that cutting edge square TV set on your patterned sofa, enjoy…

1. Um Bongo

Year: 1985.  Did you know that Um Bongo is still available in the UK and Portugal?  Not just the Congo then.  Who can ever forget this awesome advert.

2. 54321

Another 1985 corker, we can still imagine that wrapping on the shelves at the newsagents.  How many treats can you get in one chocolate bar?  I’ll tell you how many, FIVE!  Well until 1989 when it was discontinued anyway….