7 Awesome Gift Ideas For 80s Kids

Sometimes it’s tricky to find gifts that make someone act like an excited kid at Christmas again.  To help we’ve created a list of 7 cool retro gifts you can buy right now on Amazon. Click on the links an you’ll be directed over to the Amazon store for more info and to order something uber cool for that special person…

1. Sega Megadrive – 2014 Edition

With 80 16 Bit classic games from the MegaDrive [aka Genesis] era and two wireless controllers, one of these is guaranteed to be a huge hit!

Click Here To Buy The Sega Megadrive On Amazon

Sega Megadrive 2014

2. Mini Arcade Machine For Your Desk

Desks at work aren’t cool enough, add a spark of fun to someones work day by getting them this mini arcade machine which has 240 retro games built in!

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Cool Gift Ideas

3. Tetris Lamp

Tetris, one of the most iconic  games on the planet.  Add some cool ambience to someones room with one of these.

Click Here To Buy The Tetris Lamp On Amazon

Cool gift ideas Tetris

4. Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon

If they enjoy building things and love Star Wars, you can’t get better than the Lego Stars Wars Millennium Falcon! Really though, build this and it’s something to be proud of!

Click Here To Buy The Lego Millennium Falcon On Amazon

Lego Millennium Falcon

5. Back To The Future Monopoly

Reignite the passion for property domination with a Back To The Future twist, how COOL is that!

Click Here To Buy Back To The Future Monopoly On Amazon

Back to the future Monopoly

6. Lego Ferrari F40

The most iconic poster car of the 80s, unless you’ve got a spare £1.5m lying around you ca get the next best thing, building a Ferrari F40 from lego! Awesome.

Click Here To Buy The Lego Ferrari F40 On Amazon

Cool gift ideas

7. Storm Trooper Lamp

Make the galactic empire part of someone’s everyday life with this Storm Trooper mood lamp, VERY cool.

Click Here To Buy The Storm Trooper Lamp On Amazon

Cool gift ideas