10 Brookside Characters You Might Remember!

Brookside, one of Britain’s most well-known soap operas launched in 1982. It ran for 21 years and there were many distinctive Brookside characters that kept us glued to the TV screen.

Brookside was a TV hit and was the highest rated soap for many years throughout the 80s, audience figures could be as high as 9 million.  One of the most distinctive factors was the soaps realistic story lines that hooked into social challenges of its time, played out but a raft of Brookside characters that received critical aclaim for their outstanding onscreen performances.

2915 episodes of Brookside were broadcast between 1982 and 2003 and during this time Brookside aired the very first pre-watershed lesbian kiss in 1994 as well as a powerful domestic abuse story line that ended in murder. The intent to shock audiences didn’t end there either, in the final episode which was split into three parts, the residents of Brookside stood up to Jack Michaelson which resulted in him being lynched from a bedroom window.

In 2012 and after many years of campaigning, Brookside fans were delighted to see a special DVD called Brookside Most Memorable Moments released in 2012, 30 years after the series started.  You can buy the DVD here on Amazon Prime.

The cast had sixteen Brookside Characters and it would be another year before the six houses hosted their families.  Here we take a look at some of the early Brookside characters that many of us got to know well, how many of these do you remember?


1. Harry Cross

Harry Cross Brookside

Image: Urban75.net

2. Damon & Debbie

Damon and Debbie Brookside

Image: Liverpool Echo

3. Barry Grant

Barry Grant Brookside

Image: Wikipedia

4. Trevor Jordache

Trevor Jordache Brookside

Image: watchwithmothers.wordpress.com

5. Paul Collins

Paul Collins Brookside

Image: Wikipedia

6. Billy Corkhill

Billy Corkhill Brookside

Image: people-stories.com

7. Jimmy and Jackie Corkhill

Image: Liverpool Echo

8. Terry Sullivan

Terry Sullivan Brookside

Image: thetimes.co.uk

9. Bobby Grant

Bobby Grant Brookside

Image: Getty

10. Frank Rogers

Image: playbuzz.com